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Stacy Silvagni, DC - Chiropractor, Labor Doula,
Postpartum Doula 

I'm a Christian mother of four and  a Chiropractor practicing along with my husband Randy in Richardson.  As a DONA trained Doula,  I support mothers with pregnancy, labor and birth, helping them to adjust during postpartum, and I look forward to furthering my studies and training in this field.

s a Chiropractor and a woman of Faith, I believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  Pregnancy is a natural, beautiful, and joyful experience. Working with and caring for mothers, babies, and children for over 20 years in my practice has been a wonderful blessing for me. My goal is to help nurture you through your pregnancy and the birth of your baby in the most natural, healthy, and loving way possible.


Twenty-one years of marital bliss, four amazing children, and  five wonderful grandchildren and counting!! Living the dream!!

Call to discuss services & fees:
Stacy Silvagni, DC  (214)  403-9577


Birth is a natural, normal womanly function created by God that your body innately knows how to accomplish.

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