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Who is your Breastfeeding Helper?

What do different Professional credentials mean?


The term "lactation consultant" is used broadly to describe anyone who "helps moms with breastfeeding."  Support is certainly needed in all settings and at different levels, but it is important to know the distinctions that exist.


As you are searching for answers or referring others to a "lactation consultant", take a look at their credentials to determine what kind of help is the best fit for the situation.


Here are some titles you might see associated with each group:


Peer Supporter:  BCBC, BC USA, HC One, LLL, Rose CT, WIC BFPC

Breastfeeding Educator:   BEC, CBE, CLE, CLEC, LEC

Lactation Counselor:   ALC, ANLC, BC, CBS, CLC, CLS

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant:   IBCLC


Hope this helps! article by Indy Lactation Care

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