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Cleo Marchese, IBCLC

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Degreed professional and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Cleo has over eighteen years of experience helping mothers and babies.She is a virtuoso on breastfeeding subject matter, an educational lecturer and frequent guest speaker on breastfeeding topics for Salem Radio network.

Cleo has expert skills in breastfeeding management, lactation education and one-on-one consultation. She has experience guiding those complex lactation issues troubling mother and baby.  She states, "As an IBCLC, I specialize in preterm babies and multiples and have a strong commitment to excellence and the highest standard of care for my clients."

Cleo and her husband Angelo are parents of two adult children. Cleo became an IBCLC in 2014 to continue her work helping mothers to achieve their goals for breastfeeding. She has assisted mothers in the Collin and Dallas County Areas as La Leche League Leader for over 20 years.  Cleo is Vice President of Dallas Area Breastfeeding Alliance, Dallas branch of the Texas Breastfeeding Advocacy Group.

"I have always been fascinated by the unusual and the technical aspects of breastfeeding, and the science that supports evidence-based care of babies and mothers through education and support.


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