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As the founding IBCLC for Natural Beginnings' Lactation Services, I gathered a small group of like-minded professionals educated in the 'Womanly Art of Breastfeeding', who had years of training & personal experience guiding new mothers. Our lactation practice is the culmination of my long term goals for mothers needing evidence-based breastfeeding help.

In my practice the last 37 years as Perinatal Educator working with expectant parents,
'prenatal to postpartum', I've provided breastfeeding assistance to many hundreds of nursing mothers and babies.  As long as a mother desires a nursing relationship with her baby, I will support her in finding solutions to her challenges.  As your Lactation Consultant, I promise to


  • Find both root causes and a solution to your breastfeeding challenges

  • Allow knowledge and experience through creative ideas to resolve issues

  • Support each mother's goals & protect mother and baby's health needs

  • Instill maternal confidence in their normal, healthy bodily processes

  • Provide current, evidence-based knowledge to address these problems:

Latch - Low Milk Supply - Effective Milk Transfer - Normal Newborn Behavior - Engorgement - Blocked Milk Duct - Mastitis - Poor Infant Suck - Lip & Tongue Tie Assessment and Referral - Referrals for Manual Therapies to correct Sucking Issues - Management of Nipples/Breast-Pain

My home-based office in Garland is roomy, private and comfortable as well as less costly
for those mothers who prefer to come to me. Appointments are made here.

As a Medela® Equipment Rental Station, I serve new mothers in the DFW area. Our community has a need for Medical breast pumps & BabyWeigh® Scales for use outside the hospital.
I am a provider of pump equipment for Employee Mother's Rooms at Texas Instruments, and formerly for other Corporate Employers (Raytheon & J C Penney).

Breastfeeding In-Service Programs for professionals is a passion I enjoy. As a guest lecturer, I've provided ongoing breastfeeding education for Parker University during the Pediatric rotation in chiropractic training, and for many area Midwives at local birth centers.


My husband Paul and I are proud parents of our three grown sons.  They and their terrific wives have given us five wonderful grandchildren who are such lovely gifts from God.  Our family has always been active at Peace Lutheran Church, Garland and now Messiah Lutheran Church in Plano, and feel blessed by our wonderful family, good health and passionate avocations.

My personal experience with breastfeeding and natural birth, and my years working as a doula, have given me added insights into the special needs of expectant women, women in labor and new mothers.  I bring this special understanding to my birth education courses, preparing expectant parents for a positive experiences in pregnancy, labor, childbirth, postpartum adjustment, and breastfeeding and parenting their newborns!

Classes offered:  *Birth Preparation  *Breastfeeding  *Parenting Your New Baby
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