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How to: Interview A Doula
  • Ask exactly what services she provides

  • Ask about her philosophy of birth, her experiences as a doula and as a mother (if applicable). Note any biases that may exist which may not fit your view of birth.

  • Inquire about her accreditations (if applicable), and her training and experience.  

  • Check with accrediting agencies to ensure that she is accredited

  • Ask how she can help you achieve your goals for birth and a joyous birth memory.

  • If you have a partner, ask about her role with your partner to provide labor support.

  • Ask when you may meet her backup doula.

  • Ask about when she will meet with you over the course of your pregnancy. Will she be available by phone to answer questions, help you create a birth plan, go with you to a prenatal OB / midwife visit to get to know you and your birth team better.

  • Ask about her fees, and ask about payment options, if applicable, explaining any financial concerns you have.

  • Ask how to contact her when you go into labor:  text, phone, IM, so you can reach her at any time?

  • Ask whe she meets mothers in labor at home, in the hospital or birth center, or whenever you choose to have her with you.

  • Does she provide at least one postpartum visit in your home?

  • Ask if you may contact previous clients or ask if she has letters of reference.

  • Ask if she has evaluation forms for you to complete after your birth.


For worksheets and more guidance, go to "How To Hire A Doula"

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