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Amanda McHargue, RN
Birth & Postpartum Doula

"Doulas enable mothers and their partners to have
a less complicated and more rewarding birth with long-term benefits." 

   My name is Amanda and I have a passion for serving families through pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. From a young age, I remember having an interest in childbirth. I grew up caring for my young cousins and enjoyed helping many families care for their new babies.

   While receiving my Bachelor's degree in Nursing, I started attending births as a labor doula. I completed my nursing degree in 2016 and have also practiced as a labor and delivery nurse for the past five years. I am a DONA trained childbirth and postpartum doula and have extensive training and experience helping with breastfeeding. Currently my work is part time, as a labor and delivery nurse in McKinney.

   I have two children and have experienced two very different, yet beautiful and empowering births in the hospital and at home. In partnering with you, it is my hope to provide you with the resources that you need to envision and promote an uncomplicated, empowered childbirth. It would be an honor to serve you and your family as you find yourselves standing at this wonderful precipice that is parenthood.


Amanda - (214) 497-1565


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