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Lactation Services & Fees

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We feel the 'Economic Crunch' too
& will work with you to make your care affordable

[Below are our Cash Pay Rates]

Home Visit $195.  
Follow-up  $195.  
Office Visit  $155.  Follow-up   $110
Twin Home $265.
Follow-up   $265.
Virtual Visit $125.
Phone Visit $ 45.
Natural Beginnings set 2-Natural Beginnings-0040.jpg
Natural Beginnings-Natural Beginnings-0053.jpg

We examine mother & baby, record birth/infant/maternal medical histories, weigh baby before & after  feeding, assess & correct any immediate issues.  Your personal Care Plan is prepared for you. Full reports are faxed to your care provider for each visit.
Mothers and or babies may be referred to additional providers, such as Infant Manual Therapists, Pediatric Dentists, Oral therapists; as necessary for any beneficial therapies or procedures.  [Visit time 60 to 90 minute

If you have a simple issue, one visit may be enough. If there are more complex issues, such as: infant weight loss, slow infant weight gain, insufficient milk supply, special feeding challenges, very damaged nipples, Induced or Relactation, one or more follow-up visits may be necessary to achieve your feeding goals  to insure baby's health. [Visit times 60 minutes.]

IN-OFFICE VISIT: The same process occurs as is described in the In-Home Visit but you & baby come to our office for your consultation.  [Consultation time is the same as a home visit.]

VIRTUAL - TELEHEALTH:  You will connect on computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Appropriate technology assists and clear photos and videos make this type of consult more effective. We work with you to create a care plan unique to you and your baby, and refer to other providers, such as bodyworkers, various therapists, or dentists /doctors, as needed. [Consultation time is 60 - 75 minutes.]

PAYMENT: -Cash or Check preferred  -Payment is due at time of service. Credit Cards and other forms of payment are accepted.  HSA cards are accepted.  Ask your Consultant

INSURANCE COVERAGE: - Verify your coverage through 'The Lactation Network' at the link on Consultants' pages If you are unable to get authorization prior to our planned Visit, payment must be made at the Lactation Appointment.  

If The Lactation Network does not work with your insurance, you may still be covered, but you will submit a claim for reimbursement to your insurance company directly. If your insurance company does not have in-network consultants, we provide a reimbursement form at our visit to submit.

Please call the customer service or member phone number on the back of your insurance card for specific information related to your plan & lactation consultations. 

Ask your Insurance Provider if a  Prenatal Lactation Education Visi or a Breastfeeding Clas is covered.

Insured coverage usually include (6) Six In-Home, In-Office or Virtual Visits. Appropriate Reimbursement Codes are listed on our (SuperBill) Insurance Receipt.

Text to see if you're in our Travel Areathere may be an extra Fee of $25-$50 for longer distances or lengthy traffic times.


EMERGENCY VISIT: Visits on Weekends, Holidays, After Hours, are considered Emergency Visits - Add $50 to fees.  

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