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Diana Gifford, IBCLC 


     Diana has been supporting mothers, helping them to achieve their goals in breastfeeding since 2004.  Diana earned her IBCLC in 2011 and is focused on providing Private Practice Lactation care in your homes and in her office. 
     As the mother of 3 breastfed children, Diana has a practical knowledge of breastfeeding as well as a greater empathy for those mothers seeking assistance with their lactation issues.  This personal experience, coupled with her IBCLC Certification 10 years experience as a Lactation Professional in private practice in our community, provides her the requisite training to assist local nursing mothers effectively.

   Her special gift is helping women struggling with the challenge of transitioning to a normal milk supply from either over-production or from too little milk.  Her support skills include effective initiation of breastfeeding, assessment of breast and nipple pain: nipple cracks, mastitis, dermatitis and eczema. Diana enjoys incorporating natural healing methods where appropriate. She has great success performing immediate engorgement relief with hand expression techniques, which are useful for releasing blocked milk ducts.

   Her Baby Scale Rental Service has been quite busy and is helpful to moms who are concerned about tracking their infant's weight changes.

   Diana has just opened a new Lactation Office space. Walk-ins are welcome! Appointments available Wednesdays from 9:00am until 4:00pm. Her office is located inside Schwed Pediatric Dentist Clinic. 2006 W. Campbell Rd, Suite 300, Garland, 75044 - Location Map

   Diana is fluent in Spanish, and feels it's her calling to help multi-cultural mothers with their breastfeeding issues.

" Puedo ayudarle con su problemas de lactancia. ".

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