Natural Beginnings Birth Classes
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COVID 19  Precautions

Respecting public concerns for social distancing guidelines, expectant couples, attend classes held in my home, with masks worn at your choice.

If you prefer not to interact with other couples, contact me for a private series.



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1526 Archery, Garland 75044


6-Class Group Series

Tuition $390 PayPal
or $375 by ck/cash

[A series for a 1st Birth]

3-Class Private Series
Tuition $340 PayPal
or $325 ck/cash
[For couples having a cesarean birth, plus a
BF & Parenting Class]

2-Class Refresher Series
Tuition $255 PayPal
or $240 ck/cash
[Refresher for couples who
had previous natural birth]

Receipt will be provided for Insurance Reimbursement.

Need a Week night or a SAT afternoon class?  Contact Sharon

Class Series Topics: 
includes 3-hours
'Breastfeeding & Parenting
your Newborn Workshop'

     New Birth Class Format
  • Pregnancy Health & Nutrition 
  • Prenatal Exercises for Birth
  • Normal Gestation
  • Physical Relaxation 
  • Natural Breathing Skills
  • Achieving Your Birthing Goals
  • How the Laboring Body Works
  • 1st Stage & Transition
  • Understanding Labor & Birth
  • Mental Relaxation
  • Labor Partner Support Tools
  • 2nd Stage, Pushing - Birth
  • 3rd Stage, Placenta Delivery
  • Labor & Birth Videos
  • Emotional Relaxation
  • Intervention in Normal Labor
  • Acupressure-Pain Management
  • Coping with the Unexpected
  • Cesarean Birth 
  • Labor Lab - Comfort Workshop
  • Postpartum Life, Physical
    & Emotional Changes
  • New Baby's Appearance 
  • Common Newborn Procedures
  • The Fathers' Role  
  • Couple Tells their Birth Story
  • Comfortable Nursing
  • Breastfeeding Solutions
  • Making Plenty of Milk
  • Pumping & Storing/Work
  • Navigating Parenthood
  • Getting More Sleep
  • Soothing Fussy Baby
  • Bathing, Diapering, Burping
L,  Linda Worzer
R, Sharon Mattes

Our Certified, Affiliated Bradley Method Childbirth Instructors

Linda Worzer, AAHCC - Richardson Birth Instructor is the owner and founder of Natural Beginnings.
Linda is on Medical Leave til JAN 2021.  She's doing well, and we all look forward to her return!



CLEO ​ 214-505-3967      DIANA   469-844-3574 
[SHARON  972-977-1685 on vacation til Oct 26]