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My birth class participants over the last 25 years show:
  • 92% - delivered vaginally  -  08%  delivered by cesarean

  • 60% - in-hospital birth - 35%  birth center birth - 05%  home birth

  • 80% - of mothers used no medications ​   
    20% - of mothers used some medications


(check local hospital birth medications rate - up to 90% use is typical)


Natural Beginnings’ records show, of our clients with midwife attended births, (whether hospital, home, or birth center) 95% had vaginal births, & 97% of all midwife attended deliveries had no meds for labor or birth. Midwifery care lays the foundation for unmedicated labors & births.

Evidence shows ‘untrained birthing couples’ have an increased
incidence of interventions /medication use & higher cesarean rates.

Women often plan to use medication. We make no judgement on the decisions any birthing person makes.  Our focus is to help women who seek the necessary skills to cope with the challenges of labor and birth, and who want 'hands-on' training to achieve their birthing goals .


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