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 Natural Beginnings Perinatal Classes 
Pregnancy - Breastfeeding - Parenting

My stats from 545 Birth Class Students over the last 26 years show:

91.5%  (499)  delivered vaginally
8.5% (46) delivered by cesarean

          Clients gave birth in the following choice of location:

  • 60% (321) In Hospital    32% (183)  At Birth Center    8% (41)  At Home 

  • 80% (399) - of our vaginal birth deliveries had no medications

  • 20% (109) - of mothers used medication (for labor/delivery/repair)

Natural Beginnings’ records show, of our clients with midwife attended
births, 95% had vaginal births. (whether hospital, home, or birth center)
97% of midwife attended vaginal deliveries had no meds for labor or birth

    Midwifery care lays the foundation for unmedicated labors & births

Evidence shows  ‘untrained birthing couples’  have increased pain,
incidence of interventions, medication use & higher cesarean rates.


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