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Why Take Natural Beginnings' Birth Class?

Our Birth Classes are award winning for a reason. Our education plan is designed to empower parents to make informed decisions about pregnancy, labor & birth, focusing on a woman's innate ability to give birth, non-pharmacological pain management strategies, and preparation for confidence and skills in managing a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth as well as breastfeeding and early parenting techniques. Sharon is certified, affiliated with The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth, training directly under Marji & Jay Hathaway, directors of Husband Coached Childbirth Training, and has 26 years of local teaching experience - more than any other Bradley Instructor in the Dallas County area. We teach about what happens during pregnancy, labor and birth. We include education on breastfeeding, infant care and adjustments during postpartum. Our most important task is to help women learn how to tune into their bodies, build on skills they already possess and trust the innate wisdom of birth. Classes focus on empowering women and their partners to understand options, ask questions to obtain informed consent, and look forward to birth with confidence. We combine evidence-based care with an organic, tried and true philosophy which encourages each mother to remember that she is unique. Fees range from $250. - $465. per couple (depends on group/private) Why this much? If you were preparing to run a marathon, or a 5 K, you wouldn’t arrive on the day of the event, register and run! Conditioning is necessary!

Many fathers and partners have told us they feel they can almost call themselves a 'doula' after completing the series. By understanding the birthing process and ways their pregnant partners cope with the sensations of labor, dads and partners become active sharers in the experience of the birth of this child.

Preparing for birth requires time . . . time to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally. And if you’re like many of us, that one day a week may be the only time in your busy schedule you can devote to preparation for birth.

Come explore the possibilities . . . learn in a friendly, intimate environment of a home, and enjoy making friends that share this special time in life with you.

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