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Winter Time Safety Tips for Baby

So you have a new baby and are wondering about newborn care in the winter. How should you dress baby? What should your baby sleep in? Will your child get sick if you go out in the cold? As new parents this can be really confusing, so let go over some basic winter time safety tips and facts.

  • Get out with your new baby, walks around the neighborhood and outings can be fun for both of you. Cold weather does not cause colds or flu. These diseases are more common in the winter only because people spend more time together indoors. Babies who are breastfed received antibodies from their mother’s breastmilk that protects them from any illness they are exposed to.

  • Dress newborns warmly for outdoor activities with several thin layers that can be easily removed to keep them warm and dry.

  • Try baby wearing on days you have a lot of errands,wearing your baby next to your body helps maintain their body temperature, keep them close to mom and makes it easier to breastfeed while out. Newborns are also lulled to sleep by the motion of you walking. Plus you are hands free while shopping.

  • The rule of thumb for older babies and young children is to dress them in one more layer of clothing than an adult would wear in the same conditions.

  • Do not put blankets, quilts, pillows, bumpers, sheepskins and other loose bedding in an infant's sleeping area because they can pose a suffocation risk and have been associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

  • Try using one-piece sleeper wear such as jumpers, pajamas with feet or wearable blankets.

  • If you must use a blanket, make sure it is tucked under the mattress only coming up to the baby’s chest. Never tuck a blanket under your baby’s chin or place it over their head when they are sleeping especially if they are alone and unsupervised.

  • If you are practicing co-sleeping, make sure adult blankets are not covering your baby’s head or can accidently cover your baby during the night. Also babies who co-sleep need less clothing; your body heat keeps your baby warmer.

  • If you notice your infant’s nose is really dry; speak with your pediatrician about using saline drops, petroleum jelly or some type of nasal lubricate. Humidifies are fine but keep them clean and carefully follow the manufactures instructions for care and types of water to use.

Winter time can be a great time of year to give birth, it is often slower paced giving new moms more time to enjoy their new baby and learn slowly about mothering with out the rush of spring time or almost hectic pace of summer. So enjoy this lazier time of year and your new bundle.

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