Lactation Services & Fees

See Contact for appointment hours & insurance verification.

You can call or text one of our Consultants, or book a visit online.
Your insurance may cover Prenatal & Postpartum Lactation Visits.

As our mission is to help mothers meet their breastfeeding goals, we do our best to keep fees affordable. 
~ A brief phone call (5-10 min) determining your needs is 'No Fee' - 30 min of problem solving is $50. ~

Home visit-$175. 90 min
2nd visit -  $135. 90 min
Ofc visit-​ $135.  90 min
2nd visit- $100.  90 min
In Your Home
In Our Office
Twin Home- $250. 120 min
Twin Office- $190. 120 min
Ph Visit - 30 min  $50.
Virtual 30-60 min $90

PAYMENT - We prefer Cash or Check - Make payment arrangements when you set up your appointment.

Insurance Coverage - To locate each consultant's link to verify though The Lactation Network, see Contact.
If you are unable to get authorization prior to a Visit,  payment for services must be made at the Appointment. 

Insurance Reimbursement Codes are listed on our Insurance Receipt. HSA cards are accepted. Insurance coverage includes up to 6 Home or Office Visits.
Insurance may cover a Prenatal BF Class/Lactation Visit.

Call to see if your visit is  in our Travel Area . There may be an added fee for us to travel a longer distance and time.

PHONE CONSULT:  No charge for a simple question.  When you need immediate problem-solving, our fee is $50. for each 30 minutes of time past a simple question
if you do not wish to be seen by Virtual, Home or Office.

We examine mother and baby, record birth infant/maternal medical history, weigh baby before & after each feeding, assess & correct immediate issues.  Your personal Care Plan is prepared for you, and full reports are faxed to your pediatrician for each visit. Mothers or babies are referred to providers, as necessary for any therapies or procedures.

If you have a simple issue, 1 visit may be enough. If there are complex issues like, slow infant weight gain, low milk supply, or special feeding challenges, 1 or more follow-up visits may be necessary to achieve your feeding goals. 

IN-OFFICE VISIT: Follows the same process as a Home Visit. Our only current Office Appointment Location is:
1526 Archery Ln, Garland with  Sharon Mattes, IBCLC, RLC