Lactation Services - Fees

For an appointment - call a Consultant, or schedule a booking
with her online.  See Contact for locations and office hours 

Home visit-$160. 1.5 hrs
2nd visit -  $120. 1.5 hrs
Xtra time-$ 60. pr 1/2 hr
Ofc visit-​ $120. 1.5 hrs
2nd visit- $ 90. 1.5 hrs
Xtra time-$ 45. pr .5 hr
Twin Home- $235. 2 hrs
Twin Office- $175. 2 hrs
Xtra time-  $ 80. pr .5 hr
Phone consult,​  $45 
Each 30 minute call/

Video Chat sessions  
In Your Home
In Our Office
Multiples Together
Video Chat / Phone

PAYMENT METHODS:  [Cash or Check preferred]  Make  payment arrangements when you set your appointment. 

As 'Out of Network' providers, we do not 'take insurance'  

We provide reimbursement forms for insurance. Payment
is due  at the time of your Visit.  HSA cards are accepted.


We are covered for up to 6 (six) Home or Office Visits.

IN-HOME VISIT :  We examine mother and baby, record
a birth-medical history, weigh baby before & after each feeding, assess and correct immediate issues, and refer
to providers for any necessary therapies or procedures. 


Your individual Care Plan is prepared for you, and our reports are faxed to your pediatrician/care provider.


15 miles or less - No Fee

16 to 25 miles  add  $15.00

26 to 35 miles  add  $30.00 

We may charge higher fees for a longer travel time

No charge for a simple question.  When you need problem solving, our fee is $45. each 30 min call.

If you have a common or easily corrected issue, one visit may fix the problem. If there is slow infant weight gain, low milk supply, or a complex feeding issue, you may require  more than one LC visit. 

IN-OFFICE CONSULT: The same procedure as the home consult but in your location.