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  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Assessments
  • Breastpump Assembly & Education
  • Breastfeeding & Returning to Work
  • Latch and/or Breast Pain
  • Infant Weight Checks & Feeding Plans
  • NICU Graduates & Preterm Infants
  • Post-Frenectomy Care
  • Low Milk Supply & Relactation
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Most Insurance Plans Cover Breastfeeding Consultations

We're happy to announce that Cleo Marchese, our partner in Natural Beginnings Lactation Services has decided to move on into her own Independant Consulting Service in her Plano, Frisco, North Dallas locale.  You may contact her @
It's been a joy and an honor to bring Cleo into our group over ten years ago and work together on our shared goals of helping mothers and babies to successfully manage their breastfeeding challenges.  I've watched her professional growth, as her skill & talents blossomed and her many personal gifts to our business group have continued to bless our community-based services.

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