Clients' Comments on Linda Worzer
(1-04-1953 to 11-28-2020)

As Founder of Natural Beginnings, Linda shared her many years of training and experience as a Birth Doula, Doula Trainer, Bradley Birth Instructor and an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and was a trainer and mentor
to many hundreds of women training to become a Labor Doula. She taught many hundreds of couples to trust their bodies and give birth positively and guided over a thousand women in their breastfeeding and parenting journey.
When Linda began this website, it was an extension of her birth education and Doula Training career.  Her goal was to offer support, guidance and education
for expectant and new parents seeking direction in their journey to motherhood.

These testimonials give tribute to Linda's value to women birthing everywhere.

"... The mothers from Birth and Women’s Center in Dallas have been using the classes taught by Linda Worzer for over 20 years. We have attended 3200 births and know for a fact that Linda’s classes prepare our clients far beyond any other method or instructor.
     Occasionally a couple does not attend her classes. These couples will come in labor and we quickly identify they missed these classes by the difficulty they are having natural childbirth without them. One birth assistant likes to say they can be identified by the way they are hanging from the rafters. Clients who attend this teacher's class are calm, prepared and so much happier with their experience. 
     Thank you Linda for all that you have done making your life work about education and service to new mothers and their drug free babies."           
- Cherie Boettcher, CNM

… I feel I am uniquely qualified to recommend Linda Worzer as a labor assistant / doula as I have utilized her services from two different perspectives: both as an obstetrician and as a childbearing client. She was uniquely competent at discerning what words of encouragement were most empowering and uplifting for me.I recommend (her) as a uniquely qualified and gifted doula who is a true asset to her community."
                                                                                 - Renee L. Woods, M.D.

"... I have known Linda Worzer since 1979 when I had my second baby. At the time she was a La Leche League Leader and I attended her group meetings. In 1994, I co-founded an organization called Attachment Parenting International. I have always felt inspired by Linda's example that one person can truly make a difference in this world, and her courage and devotion has been a motivation to me and so many others."                 - Barbara Nicholson, President, Attachment Parenting International (API)

 "... Linda Worzer is a jack-of-all-trades in the childbirth world in Dallas/Fort Worth as she is childbirth educator and doula extraordinaire. She has named the Best Doula in Dallas many times since 1999 by readers of Dallas Child Magazine.
She only provides consumers with updated information. She is available to attend couples during the birth. Her presence
has made many Dallas/Fort Worth couples' births a memorable experience for both the mother and dad."

                                 - Polly Perez, RN. BSN, FACCE, Author of Special Women, Doula Programs, Brain Attack

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"... Having a child is one of the most intensely personal things a woman experiences. I approached having my first child with no small measure of joy coupled with genuine anxiety and outright fear. This was further compounded by the discovery that I carried twins.  My ob-gyn immediately shifted from a steady assurance that I could deliver a child naturally to a 70% certainty of Cesarean. As we passed the 6 month mark, she recommended bed rest, tho there was no logical reason for this: everything was normal. I began an all-out search to find someone who could help me have my children with as little medical intervention as possible.


     Enter Linda Worzer. We attended her birthing classes, and within two weeks I knew I wanted her to be our labor assistant. She agreed, and so began the most incredible months of my life. Linda was more than an instructor, more than a doula. She contacted me multiple times a week to ensure I was alright. She gave me sound dietary advice, which was critical in enabling me to carry the babies AND eat, since they were rapidly inhabiting the spaces that my stomach had once occupied. She checked on my emotional & spiritual well-being, asking astute questions that respected my privacy, while helping me assess where I was and how I was feeling. She became not only a counselor, but provided a ready-made network of chiropractors, massage therapists, clinical therapists, etc.  She was a reference resource, helping locate information.
She became, for those last few critical weeks, a substitute mother with none of the drawbacks of a blood mother because her boundaries were so clean and healthy. We owned the entire process, but she was a critical element in all of it, since our discussions with Linda enabled us to make coherent decisions and to think through the entire process.


     We found a specialist who was willing to work with us to have the boys with minimal intervention. I carried the boys past term by several weeks, and with her assistance and the infinite faith of the doctor, naturally delivered 2 healthy, whole babies at 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 7 lbs. 3 oz., respectively. Linda went beyond the call of duty, since this entailed being with us twice.

    I was induced on a Friday, and there was no progress all day. We left, and returned that Sunday and had them both just before midnight. She was there for it all. I am immensely grateful for her willing participation in the beginning of the greatest adventure of my life."

                                                                               - Lani J. Zielsdorf, mother of twins

...  "Great natural birthing and newborn care classes".                  - Kate Jett Cassidy


...  "This was by far the best class we could of taken before our first son! We were planning a home birth and had to be transported and because of this class I knew my rights as a mother and citizen.
I felt in control even when the doctor and nurses tried to tell me I didn't know what I was doing. Thank you Linda you gave me the power and strength I would have never known I had!"

                                                                                                     - Caitlyn Rockett