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What's in it for me?

Why am I breastfeeding? It is certainly not always easy or convenient and can be a real challenge. There are some excellent gifts from nature for breastfeeding mothers. These are all evidence based facts - proven by researchers.

  • Free - Clean - Fresh - Perfect temperature - No Prep {heating or cooling) No cleanup

  • Contracts uterus following birth - Eliminates excess bleeding at birth - Less blood loss after birth means higher iron levels

  • Mother gets back in shape sooner -- loses weight faster, especially around hips and buttox after birth while nursing from 3 to 12 months

  • Delays menstruation (if baby is completely breastfed) -- saves mom's strength from blood loss as well as protecting her iron levels

  • Prevents pregnancy while baby is 'breastfeeding only'

  • Protects baby from illness -- Saves heaps of money on doctor / hospital bills

  • Protects family budget - Saves about $2000.00 per year on artificial baby milk

  • Feeding often - skin to skin - connects mom and baby. Mother gains confidence in herself as a mother, and baby gets the contact he needs for brain growth

  • Immune protection for mother and baby: Mother kisses baby who was exposed to others' germs -- breast makes antibodies to those viruses and germs, and are in milk for baby and in mothers blood protecting her as well.

  • Working mothers miss less time from work with her healthier breastfed baby

  • Breastfeeding takes less time than bottlefeeding, no cleaning or heating. More time for mother to spend with baby and other children, and to rest.

  • Less risk for mother: Urinary tract infections, Ovarian Cancer, Osteoporosis, Pre and Post Menopausal Breast Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease.

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