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My Top 10 advantages of Nursing

  1. More sleep!

I learned very quickly to nurse laying down. This meant I could nap and night feedings were easier.

  1. Less illness.

Your baby receives immunities from you every time she nurses. It’s better than an apple a day!

  1. No prep.

Your breasts make the milk ready to go. It is always the perfect temperature, and never ever expires!

  1. Breastfed babies have a higher IQ

Can you say scholarship Mom?

  1. It costs next to nothing.

This is very helpful for growing families. Formula can cost up to $3100 a year!

  1. It is good for the planet.

There are too many reasons to list why here. Let’s just say there is far less waste when you breastfeed

  1. You get extra snuggle time with you baby.

Plus that skin to skin helps regulate the baby’s breathing, and heart rate. Babies love to be next to their Mom!

  1. Breastfeeding combats obesity.

Since this runs in my family, I am glad to know I am helping my children in this way.

  1. It helps you feel calm.

When you nurse your baby, your body releases a hormone that helps you relax!

  1. It can reduce your risk of cancer.

Hey, living longer is a great thing!

Take care-Diana

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