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Unhappiness After Childbirth

A check list for new mothers around 6 to 8 weeks postpartum.

If you have recently had a baby and are unsure if your emotions are normal, talk with your midwife or obstetrician about how you have been feeling in the last 7 days.

Consider if you feel these feelings 1) Hardly ever 2) not very often 3) sometimes 4) often 5) much of the time. Discuss your feelings with your partner or care provider if you feel most of your answers show that you need some help.

~ Are you able to laugh and see the funny side of things?

~ Have you looked forward with enjoyment to things? ~ Have you blamed yourself unnecessarily when things went wrong?

~ Have you been anxious or worried for no good reason?

~ Have you felt scared or panicky for a not very good reason?

~ Have things gotten overwhelming or have you had difficulty coping?

~ Have you felt so unhappy you have had difficulty sleeping?

~ Have you felt very sad or miserable?

~ Have you felt so unhappy you have been crying?

~ Have you had thoughts of harming yourself?

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